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Without This Woman's Help, Lewis and Clark Were Goners

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»The Dakotas

Without This Woman's Help, Lewis and Clark Were Goners

Short | 03:41

Lewis and Clark first met Sacajawea and her French husband Toussaint Charbonneau in the Dakota Territory. The couple joined the expedition, acting as translators and guides.


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Take in the soaring views above a state that inspired a future president, launched the country's first millionaire, and kept a dark, rich secret under its expansive prairies for centuries. This lofty journey over North Dakota highlights the Roughrider State's grand beauty, which healed a grieving Teddy Roosevelt and transformed him into a defender of America's wild land. Explore the state's booms and busts, from fur trade explosions to frontier battles to the thousands of oil wells that dot the land and house flaming vents that are visible from space.

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