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The Big Dry:

Winged Termites Looking to Mate Become Monkey Food

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»The Coming of the Rains

Winged Termites Looking to Mate Become Monkey Food

Short | 02:55

After 20 hours of Luangwa rainfall, the skies begin to clear. But soon, the air is thick again with a swarm of winged termites, looking to mate. It?s an ideal feeding opportunity for a nearby troop of vervet monkeys.

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It's the end of an exceptionally brutal dry season, but the rains are late. The lagoons have dried up, and the once-mighty Luangwa River's current is no more than a trickle. With so many animals succumbing to the drought, predators barely need to hunt. All life in the Luangwa Valley is desperate for rain. Suddenly, a torrential downpour transforms the land into a different world. After one of the worst droughts in memory, the wet season has finally come.

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