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Why Wild Horses Are at Risk

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Why Wild Horses Are at Risk

Short | 02:15

Mustangs aren't native to the hills of the American west, but today they run rampant throughout Nevada.


    • Thursday
    • 2:00am
    Jun 04
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    • 7:00am
    Jun 04
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    • 9:00am
    Jun 27

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Nevada is known as a Wild West state that's still a little wild, but there's more to this ancient desert land than the City of Sin. This aerial tour highlights Nevada's vital role in the shaping of America, from the mines and ghost towns of its gold and silver rush, to its icon of American ingenuity: the Hoover Dam. Discover the highs and lows of Nevada's history, and the booms and busts that have defined it as the land of big builders and bigger dreamers.

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