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Why Was This Valley of the Kings Tomb Undecorated?

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From: Secrets
»Egypt's Lost Princess

Why Was This Valley of the Kings Tomb Undecorated?

Short | 02:32

Why was this tomb in Luxor's 'Valley of the Kings' lacking any kind of decoration or hieroglyphics? Egyptologists believe it belonged not to a king, but another lesser royal.


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Egypt's Valley of the Kings is a royal cemetery unlike any other. For over 200 years, archaeologists have combed over every inch of it in search of knowledge and treasure. Many believed the valley had no more secrets to reveal, but that all changed in 2011 when an unidentified tomb was found, a discovery that has rewritten what we know about ancient Egypt's royal burials. Join us as we investigate the mysteries inside the burial site involving a dismembered princess, a second coffin, and evidence of state-sponsored tomb raiding.

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