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Why This U.S. Soldier Felt More Free in Germany

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Why This U.S. Soldier Felt More Free in Germany

Short | 02:21

While Stationed in Stuttgart, Germany in the early 1950s, North Carolina-born Howard Jones experienced equality and hospitality previously unknown to him as an African-American in his home country.

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They fought to liberate Germany from Nazi rule, as racism reached unfathomable levels. Their fight would continue back home on American soil. This is the story of the one-million-plus African Americans who fought in World War II. Discover their encounters with hatred, from the enemy and from within their own ranks. Explore this paradoxical chapter in American history through interviews with war heroes, including Colin Powell, Tuskegee ace pilot Roscoe Brown, and Charles Evers, brother of Civil Rights activist and WWII veteran Medgar Evers.

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