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Why This Lizard Likes to Lick its Eyeballs

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Why This Lizard Likes to Lick its Eyeballs

Short | 02:48

An eyeball-licking tongue, absorbent skin, and webbed feet help this lovely lizard survive the harsh conditions of the Namib Desert.

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In the untamed and uncompromising wilds of southwestern Africa, a remarkable and resourceful array of life exists. Here, animals, insects, birds, plants, and reptiles not only survive but thrive in one of our planet's toughest environments. How do they do it? That question sends naturalist Nick Baker on a thousand-mile trek across Namibia, from the arid Salt Pan of Etosha to the 55-million-year-old Namib Desert to the inhospitable Skeleton Coast. Join him on his journey and discover an extraordinary world crafted by millions of years of evolution.

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