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Why There's a Pyramid in Wyoming Dedicated to Crooks

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»The Wild West

Why There's a Pyramid in Wyoming Dedicated to Crooks

Short | 01:35

Two of the biggest pioneers in U.S. railroad history were brothers, Oakes and Oliver Ames. And while they were later found out to be criminals, a large granite pyramid would later be erected in southern Wyoming, in their honor.


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The American West has fascinated people for generations and it's no wonder. It's a region of tall tales and larger-than-life characters, intermingling cultures and powerful industries, and stunning landscapes best enjoyed from breathtaking heights. Aerial America: The Wild West whisks you across the western frontier, from the St. Louis Arch to the Pacific shores to the Alaskan wilderness. Watch as we capture its many visual wonders and celebrate the men, women, and children who made their way across our nation and into the pages of history.

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