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The Missing Evidence:

Why the Truth About Area 51 May Not Be 'Out There'

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»The Nevada Triangle

Why the Truth About Area 51 May Not Be 'Out There'

Short | 03:57

Just the thought of Area 51 conjures images of alien corpses and crashed UFOs. One expert, however, believes the truth about the mysterious site is much more mundane.


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Something strange is happening in the Sierra Nevada skies. Over several decades, an estimated 2,000 aviation incidents have occurred there, with death tolls and disappearances far outnumbering those of the Bermuda Triangle. Why have so many pilots lost their lives or simply vanished without a trace? The phenomenon is explored on the ground and in the air, in hot deserts, cold mountains, high-tech labs, and even the outskirts of Area 51, all in search of the deadly truth of the Nevada Triangle.

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