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X-Ray Mega Airport:

Why Remaking an Airport Runway Is Incredibly Hard

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»Race Against the Clock

Why Remaking an Airport Runway Is Incredibly Hard

Short | 02:52

Re-laying an airport runway is a gruelling and precise job. And because of possible disruption to flights, the work has to be done at breakneck speeds. See the painstaking process up close.

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Every action at an airport is planned to the hour, minute, and second. From the ramp agent, who gets in-bound planes ready to go back out again, to the taxiway controller, who guides them to the runway, to the pilots, who take them to the skies. Meet the people at Frankfurt Airport who make the decisions to win the race against the clock. Using cutting-edge camera technology and computer imagery, we give an inside look at the inner-workings of this Mega Airport and the high stress challenges happening every second of every day.

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