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Why No One Died in the Delaware River Crossing

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»New Jersey

Why No One Died in the Delaware River Crossing

Short | 02:33

It's hard to imagine a better outcome than the one engineered by George Washington crossing the Delaware River in 1776 with 2,400 troops. This is how he did it, and then won the Battle of Trenton.


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    May 07
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More About This episode

New Jersey is one of America's 13 original states, and one of its most fascinating. It's where the nation's first industrial city was built, where some of Hollywood's biggest studios began, and where a brilliant inventor devised a way to light the world. We trace the Garden State's most dramatic historic moments, from Washington's fateful Delaware crossing to Hindenburg's fiery crash to Superstorm Sandy's furious attack. We also celebrate Jersey's quiet misty valleys, fields of plenty, miles of sunlit shores, and plucky, innovative spirit.

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