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Why Male Lions Need Lionesses to Help Them Survive

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Why Male Lions Need Lionesses to Help Them Survive

Short | 03:14

They might be earmarked as future kings of the jungle, but young male lions are lazy and lack survival skills. Their only hope is to attract a female to come in and provide for them.


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    Oct 16
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In Rwanda, Africa, a new era is dawning after a brutal civil war ripped through the country, killing close to two million people and wiping out its most iconic wildlife: the regal lion. Now, 25 years later, the big cats are being reintroduced to the region to reclaim their throne. Follow this magnificent seven, a collection of five females and two males, as they travel thousands of miles from South Africa to Akagera National Park and attempt to figure out their new land, form relationships, and restore the pride of a nation.

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