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The Lost Tapes:

Why Malcolm X Had a Falling Out with the Nation of Islam

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»Malcolm X

Why Malcolm X Had a Falling Out with the Nation of Islam

Short | 01:44

The incendiary language used by Malcolm X to describe the assassination of JFK sent shockwaves through the Nation of Islam. Soon, he found himself suspended from its ranks.


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In 1959, a 33-year-old minister from the Nation of Islam gains notoriety with his fiery rhetoric and keen intellect. His name is Malcolm X and over the next five years, this influential yet highly controversial civil rights leader will become an ideological hero to some and a dangerous enemy to others. Presented entirely through his speeches, newscasts, and rarely seen archival footage, The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X tells the story of the man who, by any means necessary, willingly put his life at risk to bring change and equality to black America.

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