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Why L.A. Uses 'Shade Balls' to Combat Drought

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Why L.A. Uses 'Shade Balls' to Combat Drought

Short | 02:21

One third of L.A.'s water pours into the L.A. reservoir, but evaporation is a major concern. The result: an ingenious solution featuring 96 million plastic 'shade balls' covering the surface of the reservoir.


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Whether you're peering down on the movie studios of Hollywood, the boardwalk of Venice Beach, or the ever-active freeways that pulse through the city, there's nothing like a day in the skies over Los Angeles. Join us as we explore the hills, valleys, beaches, and bustle of the second largest metropolis in America, and see what it takes to keep it running around the clock. From sunrise over the San Gabriel Mountains to sunset off the tip of the Santa Monica Pier, celebrate the spectacular daytime and nighttime wonders of the City of Angels.

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