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The Real Jesus of Nazareth:

Why Jesus's Miracles Seemed Apocalyptic to the Gospel Writers

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»The Ministry Begins

Why Jesus's Miracles Seemed Apocalyptic to the Gospel Writers

Short | 02:30

Jesus gained renown as a preacher of a particularly apocalyptic form of Judaism. This was further strengthened by his ability to perform miracles that seemed to signal the coming end times.


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The first event in Jesus's life on which all four Gospels agree is his baptism in the River Jordan by a preacher named John the Baptist. It's a moment that will change Jesus's life, shape his teachings, and eventually lead to a dangerous collision course with the Jewish and Roman authorities. Follow Robert Powell, star of the 1970s miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth," as he examines the early days of Jesus's ministry, how he developed his radical message of the coming apocalypse, and built a following with his words, charisma, and miracles.

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