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Fishing for Giants:

Why Hunting A Dogtooth Can Be Very Challenging

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»The Dogtooth

Why Hunting A Dogtooth Can Be Very Challenging

Short | 02:50

Andy Coetzee never saw a giant fish he didn't want to tackle. But his opponent this time is the fearsome Dogtooth - a torpedo-shaped predator that hunts in strong currents on the edges of the Indian Ocean's tropical coral reefs.

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Fishermen talk of a giant beast that hunts the tropical abyss of the Seychelles archipelago. Wily, strong, and tough as nails, the dogtooth tuna is said to be as ferocious as any shark. Naturalist and extreme angler Andy Coetzee is on a quest to find out if the legends about this sea creature are true. But to find out, he'll need to push himself to the limit, free dive deep into a seemingly bottomless abyss, and brave a storm at the start of monsoon season.

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