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Epic Warrior Women:

Why Horses Are So Vital in the Lives of These Nomads

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Why Horses Are So Vital in the Lives of These Nomads

Short | 01:52

Domesticating horses gave the ancient Scythian nomads speed and mobility. But they were also a vital source of nutrition, providing both meat and milk.


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Greek travelers and writers from the ancient world mythologized the Amazons, but these legendary female warriors were very real. They hailed from the ferocious nomadic Scythian tribes that controlled a huge swath of Central Asia and kept the great powers of Greece, Persia, and China at bay. With the help of recent archaeological findings, uncover the lives of these Amazons through the tale of a Scythian who grows up to become a horse warrior and leader of her tribe in a defining battle against the Persians in 6th century BC.

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