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Why Habituation is a Dangerous Game for Conservationists

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Why Habituation is a Dangerous Game for Conservationists

Short | 03:05

A group of conservationists attempt to get close to a troop of gorillas, led by a male silverback. It?s a risky job ? if the male feels threatened, he may lash out, with fatal consequences.


    • Wednesday
    • 9:00pm
    Jul 29
    • Thursday
    • 12:00am
    Jul 30

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A race is on to save Gabon's Moukalaba-Doudou National Park and the silverback gorillas that call it home. This area was once protected by a thriving oil industry, but now the logging industry is poised to move in. Ecotourism could be the only way to prevent the trees from coming down, but a team of conservationists needs to make the gorillas tolerant of humans first. Follow them as they get up-close with the gorillas, study their moves, and journey to war-torn Central African Republic to learn the secrets of successful gorilla habituation.

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