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Why Do These Monkeys Have Such Outrageous Noses?

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Why Do These Monkeys Have Such Outrageous Noses?

Short | 03:09

Proboscis monkeys may look ridiculous to us, but they are in fact perfectly adapted to their swamp surroundings. Their pot-bellied stomachs are able to digest toxic leaves, while their huge noses play a role in attracting mates.

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The primates' astonishing rise to power began more than 55 million years ago in the jungle canopies of Asia. And over tens of millions of years, the family tree evolved and expanded across the continent's forests, beaches, and snowy landscapes. Take a tour as we visit super-swinging gibbons, gremlin-like tarsiers, golden snub-nosed monkeys, and other remarkable primates as we celebrate one of the most diverse groups in the natural world, in the place where it all began.

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