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The Claws That Let These Bears Rise to the Top

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»Curious Cubs

The Claws That Let These Bears Rise to the Top

Short | 01:13

Andean bears spend much of their lives in trees. But what makes them such skilled climbers? A caretaker at Smithsonian's National Zoo explains. #ZooQs

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Mayni and Muniri, two Andean bear cubs recently born at Smithsonian's National Zoo, are growing up -- and fast. Because Andean bears, native to the South American Andes, are almost impossible to study in the wild, these cubs are crucial to understanding the development of this vulnerable species. No longer infants, they're now climbing and stumbling through their enclosure one tree and rock at a time. Join the zoo's caretakers as they show us how they babyproof these cubs' surroundings and how they foster their boundless curiosity.

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