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Why Aircraft Patrols Were a Source of Fear for Nazi U-Boats

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»Atlantic Showdown

Why Aircraft Patrols Were a Source of Fear for Nazi U-Boats

Short | 03:38

While U-boats were able to evade Allied warships, the odds were much lower with air patrols. Aircraft could force a submarine underwater quickly--and if it didn't hide in time, the Nazi's lethal weapon would soon become a coffin.


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A Nazi U-boat heading back for repairs unintentionally cruises right into the middle of a large Allied convoy on March 16, 1943. It is a lucky accident that sets the stage for the largest convoy battle of World War II. Relive this momentous chapter in the war for the Atlantic, an intense game of chess pitting Admiral Karl Donitz's wolf pack against a battered British Navy. It's a three-day showdown with unparalleled violence and unexpected outcomes that will turn the tide of the war.

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