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Why $3 Billion Is Way Too Much Treasure to Hide

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From: Secrets
»The Copper Scroll

Why $3 Billion Is Way Too Much Treasure to Hide

Short | 01:58

What made people doubt the authenticity of the Dead Sea copper scroll wasn't the hidden treasure it described, but the sheer quantity of it: more than 25% of all the world's gold.


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In a cave by the Dead Sea, a copper scroll treasure map from the time of Jesus was found, promising riches estimated to be worth billions by today's standards. Over half a century later, mystery still surrounds this ancient manuscript. Could these fragments of corroded metal really hold the clues to a massive buried fortune? If so, where did these vast treasures come from? Why were they buried? And are they still out there? Join the investigation as we reveal the secrets behind this very unique and valuable Dead Sea Scroll.

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