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Whose Face Is on the Sphinx?

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From: Secrets
»The Sphinx

Whose Face Is on the Sphinx?

Short | 03:58

The Great Sphinx is carefully placed within Giza, protecting the tombs of Khafre and Khufu. But when was the sphinx given a face? And whose face would serve to protect these important pharaohs?

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It stands as tall as a six-story building and is the length of a jumbo jet. Egypt's Great Sphinx is the biggest single stone statue in existence, and the mysteries surrounding it are equally sizable. When was the monument built, and why? Was it an act of devotion or part of a much larger plan? Join a team of international investigators as they attempt to shed new light on these age-old questions, using the latest research and techniques in order to solve the complex riddle of the Sphinx once and for all.

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