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The Weapon Hunter:

What It Was Like to Be on the Ground at Iwo Jima

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»Iwo Jima Franken-gun

What It Was Like to Be on the Ground at Iwo Jima

Short | 03:13

Weapon Hunter host Paul Shull is tracing the history of the iconic American gun known as the Stinger. In the process, he meets Robert Mueller, a veteran who survived the battle of Iwo Jima, where the Stinger made its debut.

More About This episode

Host Paul Shull is looking to resurrect a gun that no longer exists. In fact, it's a weapon so rare, only six have ever been built. It was called the Stinger, a one-of-a-kind World War II machine gun made by U.S. Marines from the guts of different weapons. This "Frankengun" took on legendary status in the Pacific theater, and Paul is determined to see it come back to life. But in order to build the seventh Stinger, he must not only track down the rare parts he needs, he must convince their owners to part with them forever.

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