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What Happened to the Holy Grail After the Last Supper?

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From: Secrets
»The Holy Grail

What Happened to the Holy Grail After the Last Supper?

Short | 03:00

Only one dining object from the Last Supper is specifically mentioned in the Bible: the Cup of Christ, also known as the Holy Grail. What happened to it after the death of Jesus is a subject of much debate.


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The quest for the Holy Grail has consumed knights and crusaders, and has inspired legendary tales and Hollywood blockbusters. Could it be that the epic search is finally over? One church in Spain says they have found the sacred chalice, and that they have evidence to prove it, but some experts believe this is just the latest in a long line of false claims. Our team traces the extraordinary story behind this ultimate relic and uses forensic and historic analysis in an attempt to solve this 2,000-year mystery.

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