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What Forensics Tell Us About This Odd Plane Crash

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»High Rise Catastrophe

What Forensics Tell Us About This Odd Plane Crash

Short | 03:20

Forensic analysis of the engine from El-Al Flight 1862, which crashed on October 4, 1992, finds no explosive residue on it. But if it wasn't terrorism, then what caused the crash?


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An El Al cargo jet heading from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv suddenly begins rolling violently just seven minutes after takeoff. The pilots struggle to turn the crippled plane back towards the airport, but minutes before landing, another sudden roll sends the aircraft plummeting to Earth and straight into a high-rise apartment complex. 43 die in the crash and a nation demands answers. Investigators search for a cause of the Netherlands' worst ever airline disaster. What they find is a potentially lethal problem threatening every 747 in the sky.

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