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What Everyday Life is Like for an Astronaut

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What Everyday Life is Like for an Astronaut

Short | 03:10

Eating mac and cheese, going to work, and hanging out with friends - life on board the Space Shuttle isn't that different than life on earth. But with zero gravity and a view of outer space, it's definitely not humdrum!

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July 21, 2011 marked the end of the space shuttle program, and with it, the end of an era. Over the last 30 years, the shuttles Atlantis, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery and Endeavour have had an enormous impact on humanity, evoking tears of wonder and sorrow, and transforming our understanding of our universe and our planet. Prepare for liftoff as we explore the shuttle program's extraordinary legacy, featuring rare, archival footage and compelling testimonies from the astronauts, NASA scientists, and designers who made it all possible.

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