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What Digs 130,000 Cubic Yards of Soil a Day?

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»IBN Battuta

What Digs 130,000 Cubic Yards of Soil a Day?

Short | 01:44

At 450-feet long and 80-feet wide, IBN Battuta is one of the most powerful cutter suction dredgers in the world. In just one day, it collects enough soil to fill 625,000 barrels.

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Super dredger Ibn Battuta isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and neither is her international team of 50 dedicated crewmembers. Their mission: to make a deep Vietnamese harbor even deeper to accommodate bigger ships and, in turn, build a better economy. Battuta has the sheer muscle power to cut through whatever comes her way. But mechanical setbacks, oncoming typhoons, and a field of bombs buried in the seafloor will make this the toughest job she, or any other cutter suction dredger, has ever taken on.

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