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What Created These Strange Geoglyphs in South Africa?

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»Wild South Coast

What Created These Strange Geoglyphs in South Africa?

Short | 01:50

In the Karoo region of South Africa, mysterious spiral shapes carved into the ground have attracted conspiracy theorists who liken them to the famous geoglyphs in the Nazca desert.


    • Wednesday
    • 7:00pm
    Nov 13
    • Thursday
    • 11:00am
    Nov 21

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The southern edge of Africa is a microcosm of natural and human history. It's where wilderness, ancient relics, and modern industry collide, transforming the coast into something new every single day. It's also a hot spot for thrill-seekers in search of the world's longest surf ride and highest bungee jump. From the scenic N2 highway to the mysterious spiral shapes of the Karoo to the raging waters full of sharks and sunken ships, this is a soaring look at Africa's Wild South Coast.

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