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Disasters at Sea:

What Caused This 1980 Shipwreck to Tear Apart?

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»Trapped in Typhoon Alley

What Caused This 1980 Shipwreck to Tear Apart?

Short | 02:20

On September 9, 1980, the MV Derbyshire went down in the Pacific Ocean - the largest British ship ever lost at sea. A team of investigators send down a remote vehicle camera to find out what happened.

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Massive cargo ship MV Derbyshire, carrying nearly 160,000 tons of iron ore, is passing through the Northwest Pacific en route to Japan. Just a few days from her destination, a raging typhoon swallows up the ship and all 44 people on board. Witness the investigation launched by the family of the doomed ship's crew members, and see how their dogged determination for the truth uncovered a shocking problem potentially affecting an entire fleet of bulk carriers.

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