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Private Lives of the Monarchs:

What Caused the Madness of King George III?

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»George III & The Prince Regent

What Caused the Madness of King George III?

Short | 01:52

George III was famous for his madness, but it?s only recently that we?ve started to ask why. Some people have suggested porphyria or bipolar disorder ? others point to more personal reasons.


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After mental illness sent George III into a steep decline, Parliament handed power down to his son, the Prince Regent, a lascivious, hard-drinking, heavy-gambling bully. Soon afterwards, England's Georgian Era came to a disastrous end. What is the true story behind these two kings? We uncover new analyses that are changing long-held theories about "Mad" King George's condition and reveal how George IV's redesigns of Buckingham Palace made it the royal residence we know today.

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