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Were Lithium Batteries the Cause of This Plane Crash?

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»Fatal Delivery

Were Lithium Batteries the Cause of This Plane Crash?

Short | 03:06

UPS Airlines Flight 6 crashed into a military base 10 miles from Dubai Airport on September 3, 2010. Investigators seeking answers zero in on the plane's cargo: highly flammable lithium batteries.


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Shortly after taking off from Dubai, UPS Flight 6 catches fire. With flames spreading throughout the main deck, the pilots make a desperate attempt to return to the airport for an emergency landing. But critical systems are failing, the pilot has collapsed, smoke is filling the cockpit, and the first officer cannot see his instruments. The only way to land is to improvise an emergency procedure, but shaky communications with controllers and poor visibility inside and outside the plane will make for a nearly impossible landing.

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