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We're All Made of Stardust. Here's How.

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We're All Made of Stardust. Here's How.

Short | 03:23

13.8 billion years ago, the universe began with a big bang and the atoms it created would find their way into everything: from celestial stars to the human body.


    • Thursday
    • 10:00pm
    Jun 20
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    • 1:00am
    Jun 21
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    • 2:00am
    Jun 29

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Over billions of years, planet Earth has become home to an amazing interdependent ecosystem, containing a dizzying variety of animals and plants. But how did life here begin? And does it exist anywhere outside of our solar system? We uncover the secrets of our world by tracking the evolution of the cosmos itself, from the Big Bang onwards. Follow scientists responsible for some of the major breakthroughs in understanding the origins of life and witness how their discoveries are fundamentally changing the way we perceive the universe.

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