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Micro Monsters with David Attenborough:

Watch This Mother Tick Lay 1,500 Eggs

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Watch This Mother Tick Lay 1,500 Eggs

Short | 01:27

The birthing process for a female tick is very involved. Once she's matured, she can take up to 20 days to lay her eggs, which comprise 50% of her bodyweight.

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Every species must reproduce in order to continue to exist, and in the world of the Micro Monsters, the courtships are complex, fascinating, and often brutal. Natural historian David Attenborough reveals the wide variety of bug mating games, from the dance of the scorpions to the Goliath beetle's battle of strength, and the gruesome ritual of the praying mantis. It's not always pretty, and it certainly isn't romantic, but the success level is undeniable, making arthropods one of the most abundant forms of animals on the planet.

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