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The Missing Evidence:

Was Jack the Ripper Hiding in Plain Sight?

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»Jack the Ripper

Was Jack the Ripper Hiding in Plain Sight?

Short | 03:16

Jack the Ripper managed to commit his violent murders and escape without ever once being seen. Actually, he may have been spotted at one of his crime scenes.

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The identity of Jack the Ripper is the greatest mystery in the history of British crime. For three decades, Swedish journalist Christer Holmgren has sifted through over 120 years of clues, searching for evidence that will unravel the case and reveal the true killer. He believes he's finally found his man, and he's off to London to prove it. Holmgren and a team of historians, detectives, and forensic pathologists revisit crime scenes and examine a series of eerie coincidences that tie six extraordinary murders to one ordinary man.

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