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Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor or a Hapless Pawn?

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»Mrs. Benedict Arnold

Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor or a Hapless Pawn?

Short | 04:20

To most Americans, the name Benedict Arnold is synonymous with betrayal, an American hero-turned-traitor. But new evidence reveals that he may have been influenced by another person: his young wife, Peggy.


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Benedict Arnold was a hero of the revolution. He was one of Washington's best generals. He had a new bride said to be the most beautiful woman in the colonies. And yet, just one month after marrying 18-year-old Peggy Shippen, Arnold reached out to the British and began to plot treason. What drove the celebrated general to betray his country? Investigators are now exposing a vast conspiracy to crush America's hopes for independence with Benedict Arnold's young wife at the center.

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