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The Big Dry:

Warthogs Have the Tools to Survive in a Drought

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Warthogs Have the Tools to Survive in a Drought

Short | 01:56

Of all the herbivores of the Luangwa, warthogs are best equipped to deal with a drought: they?re natural born diggers, with snouts like trowels, that help them reach buried roots and dormant bulbs.


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    Nov 20
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    Nov 20
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    Nov 24

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It's the hottest and harshest time of the year in Zambia's Luangwa Valley. There hasn't been a drop of rain in six months as a drought like never before envelops the land. As desperate animals crowd around the river in search of water, predators like crocodiles thrive. Here, massive buffalo and enormous elephants live under constant threat from lions. It will take all their instincts and experience to persist until rain comes.

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