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Warning: Here's a King Cobra Swallowing Another Snake Whole

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Warning: Here's a King Cobra Swallowing Another Snake Whole

Short | 01:16

Raja the King Cobra is about to eat. He's sunk his teeth into an ambushed rat snake, shot a dose of neurotoxin into it, and is now about to swallow it whole. You've been warned.


    • Wednesday
    • 9:00pm
    Apr 11
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    • 12:00am
    Apr 12
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    • 9:00am
    Apr 17

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Two miles from the bustling towns of southern India, the lush Western Ghats rainforest harbors a sacred but deadly deity, the king cobra. Reaching lengths of up to 18 feet and packing enough venom to kill an elephant with a single strike, this apex predator is both revered and feared by its human neighbors. But right now, the imposing beast isn't looking for a fight. He's looking for love. It's mating season in the Western Ghats, a period when most human-snake conflicts occur, and it's up to an expert wrangler, Gowri Shankar, to keep the peace.

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