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U.S. Pilot Proves His Plane Has What It Takes

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U.S. Pilot Proves His Plane Has What It Takes

Short | 02:39

On September 16, 1943, Gregory ?Pappy? Boyington returned to base having successfully shot down five Japanese ?Zeroes.? It was proof that his F4U Corsair fighter plane could more than hold its own in the Pacific.


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The Japanese's A6M Zero was the most feared airplane at the beginning of World War II, designed to cause death and destruction on an incredible scale. With the legendary Zero leading the charge, the Imperial Japanese Navy dominated the Pacific, from Pearl Harbor to Wake Island to the Philippines. To have a shot of winning the war, the U.S. Navy needed to somehow beat this fast, nimble, and lightweight killer. Their solution: exploit the Zero's flaws by pitting its agility against the muscle of the F4U Corsair.

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