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The Big Dry:

Undertaker Birds Defend Their Catch from an Eagle

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»The Drought Begins

Undertaker Birds Defend Their Catch from an Eagle

Short | 03:25

A flock of marabou storks have stumbled on a handsome bounty: a small shoal of catfish. But their clumsy enthusiasm has attracted the attention of another opportunist.

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The dry season has just begun in one of Africa's great ecosystems. Due to El Nino conditions, the drought will be more intense than usual. As temperatures soar, each day gets harder to survive. Creatures large and small must battle for precious resources. For some animals, like the world's largest population of hippos, drought is an existential threat. But for those ready to exploit it, like the vultures and storks that feast on the carcasses of animals that couldn't survive, the dry season provides an unexpected bounty.

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