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Air Warriors:

U-2 Dragon Lady Gives a Helping Hand to U.S. Troops

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»U-2 Dragon Lady

U-2 Dragon Lady Gives a Helping Hand to U.S. Troops

Short | 02:37

When a U.S. convoy in Afghanistan has vehicle problems and is forced to stop for repairs, a U-2 aircraft spots a Taliban ambush coming their way.


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Over the last half century, the U-2 Dragon Lady has become one of the most reliable aerial reconnaissance platforms in the sky today. But its history has been turbulent, marked by Cold War scandals that sent relations with the Soviet Union into a nosedive. This spy plane was so secret, it was commissioned not by the Air Force, but by the CIA. See how this plane and its pilots have been pushed to the limit in order to stay off of enemy radar and save the lives of soldiers around the world.

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