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Tracing U.S. History Through Washington's Graffiti

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Tracing U.S. History Through Washington's Graffiti

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From its highest monument to the shallow reflecting pool, Washington, DC, is a carefully designed tribute to our nation's rich history.


    • Saturday
    • 5:00am
    Dec 08
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    Dec 25

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They are studied in school and visited by millions. They are world-renowned symbols of our nation. But they are also shrouded in misinformation, mystery, and mythology. How much do we really know about America's greatest monuments? From war memorials, to monuments honoring America's founding fathers, to Arlington's eternal flame, these soaring tributes in stone, steel, soil, and sky have amazing stories to tell. They are a permanent record of our nation's history and our evolution into the world's greatest democracy-a country of the people.

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