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Predator Road Trip:

Three Lions Fight Over Sister Lionesses

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Three Lions Fight Over Sister Lionesses

Short | 02:38

In preparing to transport his lions to their new home, Kevin Richardson considers pairing two sister lionesses with three new male lions. But plans may have to change after the initial meet-and-greet turns tense.

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Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson is tasked with his greatest challenge yet: moving 27 lions, 14 hyenas and four black leopards to a new sanctuary, but relocating these predators is the least of his problems. After months of clearing bureaucratic hurdles, the permits to transfer the animals are turned down weeks before the move. See how these wild animals are prepared for their new lives in a new reserve and how Kevin's fight to gain permission keeps him away from his four-legged family, straining relationships it took over a decade to build.

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