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This Young Woman Will Stop at Nothing to End Shark Finning

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This Young Woman Will Stop at Nothing to End Shark Finning

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Madison Stewart is a shark conservationist, determined to protect the depleting Great Barrier Reef and the magnificent predators she grew up with. Here's how she confronts the shark fin soup market head on.

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For the young Madison Stewart, nothing feels safer or more natural than diving straight into shark-infested waters. Since childhood, growing up by the Great Barrier Reef, she's treated these predators as family. But they're vanishing from existence, and because of their bad reputation, few people seem to care. Follow Madison on her mission to protect our sharks, a battle that began when she put her studies on hold, grabbed a camera, and set out to save these incredible, misunderstood creatures.


  • Madison Stewart

    Madison Stewart

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    20 year-old Madison Stewart, also known as "Shark Girl," is a dive master and underwater filmmaker. The young Australian grew up on the oceans and, having lived on a yacht from the age of two, has spent nearly every day of her life in the water. One defining factor of Madison's childhood was seeing sharks in the wild. At a very young age, her ocean encounters led Madison to aspire to one thing, a future where she was always around sharks. She did not anticipate that she would one day have to fight for that right. When she returned to the Great Barrier Reef at age 14, she was expecting to see the same reefs and the same sharks, but what she discovered would change her life. She only saw one shark in the water, but it was hiding, too scared to come close. Madison never expected to see shark populations disappear in her lifetime. But it's happening at an alarming rate at the hands of humans. As a result she has dedicated the last few years of her life to raise awareness about the injustices happening to sharks in the ocean's waters, fueled by the memory of what the reef was like before the sharks began to disappear.
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