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My Million Dollar Invention:

Who Really Invented Monopoly?

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Who Really Invented Monopoly?

Short | 04:37

Monopoly, arguably the most-famous board game, was invented by Charles Darrow. But many attribute the original idea to Lizzie Magie, a Quaker and the creator of the Landlord's Game, which bears striking resemblance to its more-popular successor.

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What does a ship steering wheel have to do with the Colt revolver? What 400-year-old secret is the cymbal hiding? What is the link between the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and Bank of America? And what is the untold story of the creation of Monopoly? We explore four multimillion-dollar inventions, and meet the people who changed the world with the barrel of a gun, an ancient riddle, selfless customer service, and a lucky roll of the dice.

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