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Private Lives of the Monarchs:

This Unpleasant Royal Job Came with a Fancy Title

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»King Henry VIII

This Unpleasant Royal Job Came with a Fancy Title

Short | 01:53

It may sound like an auspicious title; but the ?groom of the stool? was anything but. Simply put, it was a role that entailed monitoring and assisting with Henry VIII?s bowel movements.


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More About This episode

The popular image of Henry VIII is that of an overweight tyrant with multiple wives and an obsession with fathering a son and heir. But there's another side to his story-- that of a youthful, chivalrous king capable of great tenderness and love. Host Tracy Borman reveals the real Henry VIII, a Renaissance man who made England fantastically wealthy before a tragic accident transformed him into the infamous monarch we know today.

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