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This U-Boat Was the Most Popular Submarine in Germany

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»The Wolfpack

This U-Boat Was the Most Popular Submarine in Germany

Short | 01:37

Germany produced more U-99s than any other submarine during World War II. Admiral Karl Donitz, Hitler's nautical mastermind, deployed them to attack the main shipping routes of Britain's allies, hoping to starve the country.


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The wolfpack tactic was made famous by Admiral Karl Donitz, Hitler's mastermind of submariners. His strategy: to send teams of U-boats to bear against the convoys of ships heading from Canada to Britain, cut maritime lifelines, and starve the enemy into defeat. Take a deep dive into the North Atlantic as we go above and below sea level to relive one of the first attacks of Donitz's lethal subs in 1940, headed by leader of the pack Commander Otto Kretschmer. Then follow Britain's war strategists as they race to combat this new deadly attack.

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