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This Train Hauls Fish Up a Mountain for a Living

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»North Rail Express

This Train Hauls Fish Up a Mountain for a Living

Short | 03:21

The path of the North Rail Express from Norway to Sweden is a challenging one: starting at sea level, the train will have to climb 25 miles up into the mountains, weighed down with a heavy cargo of fresh fish.


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When it comes to delivering freshly caught cod, mackerel, herring, and salmon from the Arctic Coast to the rest of the world, there is only one train for the job: the North Rail Express. This highly specialized container train travels a 1,200-mile route through the steep, icy mountains of Norway and Sweden, with high-tech refrigeration trailers to keep the cargo in peak condition. See how this mighty train battles treacherous environments and tight deadlines to deliver each catch of the day on time, no matter what gets in its way.

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