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This Ship's Rigger Is Not Afraid of Heights

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»Royal Clipper

This Ship's Rigger Is Not Afraid of Heights

Short | 03:11

When the Royal Clipper's rigger discovers the bearings in the sail's motor need an overhaul, he decides to do the two-man job himself--all while suspended high above the ship's deck.


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Built in 2000, Royal Clipper preserves and celebrates the traditional seagoing ways of the late-1800s, and does it on a grand scale. This modern-day tall ship boasts five masts that soar 190 feet in the air, and 42 sails that can catch even the slightest of breezes. Join us as we set sail down the western coast of Italy, head east to Greece, and north into the Adriatic Sea. It's a 12-night voyage of luxury and romance for guests, but for the crew, it's a non-stop adventure thanks to torn sails, a broken motor, and some missing passengers.

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