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The Wild Andes:

This Remarkably Long Flower Stores Its Nectar Deep Inside

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»Life in the Clouds

This Remarkably Long Flower Stores Its Nectar Deep Inside

Short | 02:51

If nectar is nature's gold, then the angel's trumpet flower is Fort Knox. Around a foot long in length, it's too deep for most birds and its walls are too thick for most to break down.

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In the northern Andes, towering mountains straddle the equator. The contrast between icy peaks and tropical forests has created one of the most diverse collection of creatures on the planet. Explore the northerly part of the world's longest mountain chain, from the breathless heights of the paramo to the dank world of the cloud forest to the dry forests in the foothills. Discover the unique species that call this land of extremes home, including poison frogs, spectacled bears, and nearly 150 different types of hummingbirds.

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