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This Mysterious Event Led to the Spanish-American War

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This Mysterious Event Led to the Spanish-American War

Short | 03:22

In early 1898, the USS Maine sailed into Havana harbor as a show of support for the Cuban revolutionaries. Two weeks later, it would explode in inexplicable circumstances lighting the fuse for the Spanish-American War.


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In the 1850s, warships moved from metal engines to metal armor. It was the beginning of a groundbreaking era that changed ship design forever. Join us as we examine the rapid evolution of the ironclad ship, from the most fearsome naval weapon ever built, Britain's HMS Warrior, to the Civil War showdown between the Monitor and the Virginia to the rise of the dreadnought. Through archival photos, in-depth interviews, and visits to the surviving ships, journey to the experimental years that transformed naval combat and defined a new world order.

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